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ISQS | charity rock festival auditions

ISQS | charity rock festival auditions, Show Time!

Eyes of the Stars midsummer Charity Rock Concert

You must have heard,

This summer, ISQS is putting on an unprecedented campus concert.

You must be looking forward to it.

This summer, in ISQS to a burst of youthful memory.

You must be excited.

Can't wait to audition for the music festival.

After the auditions of junior and senior high school students,

Primary school children are also excited to wait.

They are actively signing up,

He showed off his "eighteen martial arts".

Let's walk into the audition scene of primary school group,

Feel the children's skill Show!


Love in the name of Music - ISQS Midsummer Concert

There are a special group of children in this world.

Their eyes cannot see the light,

Their world is dark,

In their world,

The most gorgeous colors,

It's music!

A loving assistance now and then,

To introduce ISQS to these "special" kids,

Though their eyes cannot see,

But he has a natural voice and a strong musical talent.

This concert,

Take them with you,

Feel the light of the music,

Enjoy the joy of music,

Pay attention to them, embrace them,

Lead them to shine on the stage!

Witness together, look forward to together,

Summer solstice has not come, youth companion!

Let's love in the name of music!

ISQS, 2020

Eyes of the Stars midsummer Charity Rock Concert

Stay tuned!

See you in July!