HOMENEWS >> ISQS | campus charity rock festival!


ISQS | campus charity rock festival!

ISQS | campus charity rock festival!
ISQS· "Eyes of the Stars" Midsummer Music Festival

Love in the name of music!

ISQS, which will be in mid-summer this July,

Hold a grand campus charity rock concert!

I'm so excited!!

The night breeze is melodious,

The iced orange soda in my hand bubbled and bubbled;

When youth meets summer solstice,

When the campus meets the music festival

Burn to bursting!

The children are too excited.

One after another reveals the hidden eighteen martial arts ~!

This graduation season, we want to leave the most beautiful mark on the stage!

Love life, love life

I hope that every child out of ISQS,

They are both independent and passionate about life.