032018-12ISQS you can do it all!This course is too strong!
012018-12SQS The world hero road!QiuShi International School Confucius cup the fourth debate competition gr
202018-11ISQS The warmest stories are released every day in QiuShi School!
162018-11ISQS wow! Pinyin through the big battle, there are so many small examiner!
112018-11ISQS Run!2018 school bus safety exercise!
212017-09ISQS | Auditions for the Blue Dolphin Choir
162017-05ISQS | Board Games!
132017-05ISQS| Recitation Contest
082017-05ISQS | China Adolescent Robotics Competition
052017-05ISQS | Spring Sports Meeting
302017-04ISQS| Drama Performance of Grade 11
182017-04ISQS | International Art Festival!
052017-04ISQS | Fire Drill in Elementary School
132017-03ISQS| Students Interviews of Elementary School
102017-03ISQS|Guess Which school is the first one installing the central ventilation system in Kaifeng?