292020-06关于求实高级中学中加实验班 遭贾某网络恶意诽谤 声明
062020-06ISQS | truth-seeking foreign language school "61" activity once again popular all over the web!
052020-06ISQS | charity rock festival auditions
172020-11Combined Three Year Education Plan (3YEP) 2020-2023
202020-05ISQS | campus charity rock festival!
112020-05The school has been missing you for a long time!
062019-04ISQS|"memory" theme painting Exhibition
072020-05Welcome junior high school children back to school!
282019-03ISQS | Turn off the lights for an hour in 2019!
132019-03ISQS | Tree Planting Day!
232019-03ISQS | Calligraphy Master Walks into ISQS!
282019-02ISQS | ISQS Section 3 Film Arts Festival, grand opening!
262019-02ISQS | school flag raising ceremony for the first time in the new semester of 2019! Beautiful!
202019-02ISQS | Long-lost smile! ISQS New Year begins the first lesson!