ISQS“Earth hour in 2018”

The activity of “Earth hour”is one of the most important public welfare activities of environment protection for ISQS every year,and it is the largest public welfare activity of environment protection in the world. “Earth hour”is from 2007,and it is a global energy saving activity, It's been the eleventh years this year.The aims of the activities is calling more people of the earth to pay attention to the ecological environment of the earth, it calls for people to be responsible for the protection of the earth, and to think about environmental problems, such as climate change, and to express support in action.

Since 2012, every student in ISQS has joined the global environmental protection action. This year is the eleventh year of the global light - out one hour and the sixth year of ISQS. In the past six years, nearly a thousand students in ISQS have led thousands of people to join the action of environmental protection.

The climate change caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions has now greatly threatened the survival of human beings on the earth. As every international citizen, it is necessary to change and influence the attitude of other global people on carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the burden on the earth's mother.

ISQS hopes to call for more people to join in the environmental action through our actions and our appeal.There is strength in numbers.There are about 1000 state (city) up to 1 billion people, abuse us concern for environmental damage, the lack of energy, abuse the light,let us do something for our mother earth together!, let us work together to turn off the lights for one hour, this is probably the most romantic thing to do in a lifetime.

March 24, 2018 (Saturday night, 20:30-21:30, let us turn off the light for an hour with the world. Improve our climate  Join us with your actions.

At ten a.m. on March 24th, the 2018 Environmental Ambassadors will start again. Candles are dispensed to the public free of charge. There are ISQS small teams in all the parts of the city. Wait, we hope to meet with you!

After reading this article, we warmly welcome you to join the global light - out one hour environmental protection action! Join ISQS, 20:30--21:30 tonight, a romantic hour!