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ISQS | Enthusiastic Cross-country Race

Autumn is a perfect for exercising in stead of being sedentary~

2017 cross-country race of ISQS aims at overcoming students’ fear of the cold as well as promoting sportsmanship.

The total length of the cross-country race is 3000 meters, students and homeroom teachers all joined in the intense competition!

Students are rush out in the referee's order.

The cross-country race is in formation to ensure safety, although students are pretty excited about this race, they still keep the team in order.

Come on!

Keep Running!


The final result of each class depends on the time when the last student arrived at the finish line. It is the teamwork that we encourage.

The first class arrived at the finishing line in about 20 minutes. All classes came back with no student left. The 2017 winter cross-country race achieve complete success!