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School address

Come to my school road map:

a. Traffic address: nineteenth to the logistics Avenue, 20 Avenue, "seeking truth from the international green channel" blue hint at the south, after referring to the road, the road to the international school road signs can be.
To school road map:

1. Move to nineteen Avenue and twenty Avenue and turn left.

2. See the fork in the right Avenue.。

3. After the straight line can be.。

4.Train culvert。

5. See this sign right line about 100-200 meters。

6. See this card left straight, the school is in sight。


b. Or take the 43 bus terminus in West Bus Station (Kaifeng Xinghuaying Farm Station) to get off, according to the realistic international forward to the International School of school instruction. (about 300 meters)

Address: Henan Province Cultural Road Xinghuaying farm City No. 55